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pop / folk
travel music

The folky pop songs of Baragan take you on a journey,with music born on the road and ripened on the streets.

In Baragan’s music you find the burning desire for the unknown, the longing for the distant lands behind the hills. The yearning to be yanked from the known and to surrender to a stream of encounters that make you drift away to new love, new friendship and unreachable horizons. Sing along, and wander away!

"I wish my heart was a simple place"
(Digital or CD)

"Piano Solo"
(Digital only)

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♫ Jense Meek - accordion/vocals
♫ Daniel van Huffelen - double bass/vocals
♫ Polle van Gijzel - percussion/drums/vocals
♫ Jet Stevens - double bass/vocals
♫ Hendrik Mueller - double bass
♫ Polle van Gijzel - percussion/drums/vocals
♫ Sybren van Doesem - trumpet/vocals/shakers
♫ Moniek de Leeuw - violin/vocals
♫ Anne Bakker - violin
♫ Emilio Parrilla - clarinet
♫ Henrik Holm - double bass/musical saw/nickelharpa


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